Back On The Writing Wagon

Mildly humorous is the fact that “Silent No More” is the name of my first blog post, and yet I’ve written almost nothing over the last several months. That’s the funny thing about writing about depression…you have to have a bit of a functioning mind to write, and yet depression keeps your mind from functioning well. I liken it to God calling someone with only one leg to run a marathon. It’s possible, for sure. Just going to have some major things to overcome during the process.

I’ll slowly work my way back to writing regularly. I have a sign up next to my computer that says “I feel God’s pleasure when I write!” And it’s true. I do. And I long to spread the word some more of the very normal mental illness called depression.

I’m learning great things right now and I want to just spew them all over this page, but I think it’ll be too much, too fast. So I’ll leave you with this one saying that has resonated in me. A saying that my dear mentor Kathy spoke to me on our first meeting. A saying I want you to consider. What does it mean for you? How would it look in your life? Here’s what she said (and oh, how right she is!) —

“Let nothing, NOTHING, come between you and our Lord!”



4 thoughts on “Back On The Writing Wagon”

  1. It’s good to see your heart back in type form!
    I relate to everything with you here. It’s been a dark winter, and I enjoy a good storm, but I’ve been shut down also. A good friend recommended talking with my Dr about taking a serious look at the effectiveness of current medication. I spent the fall and all this dark winter making slow, at times painful med changes, and now things are getting brighter. My extended fam sees a difference, as well as my dr’s.

    I’m hearing the echo of my Savior’s voice asking me where I’ve been. He misses my voice. He misses our time. He wants me to get prepared to be an encourager and share some of my story.

    Keep sharing your story. He approves!

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