Ticking Off Your Daily Goals

I like to make goals (NOT resolutions) at the beginning of each year so that I can work towards something. One thing I know I need help with is being consistent with these goals. I’m in a monthly goal group where we all have our own goals and we all hold each other accountable to do them. I highly recommend YOU start something like this too, if you’re needing some accountability.

I also like visual helps in getting my goals done and I enjoy being able to check things off of a list. So I made a consecutive sheet of all the days in the year so I can watch it fill up. I made it generic so if any of you has goals (especially if you’re trying to do them daily) you can use it too. It’ll be cool to see an unbroken line of days marked off!

In the coming weeks I’ll really be figuring out what my goals are for the entire year. I’m never ready for January 1st because there’s too much going on in December for me to truly plot out an entire year. So my journey to be a better me will be put together in the next couple of weeks. I’ll share my plan then.

If you’d like to use the goal sheets I made, feel free. Pass them on to others. And give yourself grace if you don’t fill in all of the bubbles. I set them up so you can write what goal you have at the top (ie. Workout 4 days/week; Pray every day), and then cross off the bubble corresponding with the day you did the goal. Ideally you’ll see a string of checked off goals and be motivated to keep that chain unbroken!

Click here for the pdf:

One thought on “Ticking Off Your Daily Goals”

  1. Monica,
    Thanks for the encouragement. Two big things God is teaching me: 1) make my plans around dreams and not just “to-do’s” 2) give myself more grace when I fall short. (I’m the one who set up the expectations, so I can change them!)


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