Jumping Out Of My Teacup

I’ve been putting off writing on here, mainly because hello, I have depression. I put everything off. And then when I put whatever it is off it’s just a little too long since I’ve done that thing so it’s harder to start doing it again, so I put it off more. And that makes it even harder to start doing that thing again, so I put it off more. And then one day, I just realize that I basically gave that thing up and I have to live with the guilt and the wishful thinking of doing that thing again….and, well, it’s a vicious cycle. And one I’ve learned that if I’m going to get out of it I just have to jump out randomly (think of a spinning teacup at Disneyland where you suddenly jump out while hoping for the best). So here’s me jumping out of my teacup! SPLAT!

I’m going to write more. And it’s probably going to be mostly unedited, because that holds me back. Unedited means not only will sentences be a little annoying, but I’ll probably be a bit more crass. But then, is that really a bad thing?

9 thoughts on “Jumping Out Of My Teacup”

  1. it is a good thing to be real. we always find others that were too afraid to share but needed to. we find many who may have been through it and now are past it somehow and we can gain knowledge for ourselves. and we find that others care about us and some will pray for us. and we know “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” james 5:6.

  2. Just write–get it out. We love you and are grown up enough to edit through the pain. Remember to belly laugh at least once today?

  3. It’s like doing the dishes. You hate it and put it off. But then, once you start, you think: “This really isn’t so bad”. Then, when you’re done, you feel much better. Your kitchen looks so much better and it didn’t take as long as you thought it would!

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