Take Action!

“Choose to be happy!”
“Read your Bible more.”
“Just don’t believe the things in your head!”

There are so many pieces of unhelpful advice that people with depression receive all the time! Toxic pieces of advice that make us feel worse. I’ve tried the things above, many times. Telling me to do them makes me feel like more of a failure. It also makes me want to punch someone in the face.

Depression can’t just be willed away. It’s an actual sickness. Would you tell someone with cancer to choose not to have it? Would you tell someone with a cold to read their Bible so it’ll go away? I would think not. Clinical depression is a sickness. Making your mind up about it isn’t what gets rid of it.

But because it’s a sickness I need to take action. What do I do when I have a severe sore throat? I may take medications, call a doctor, talk to a friend about it, google it. And if one of those doesn’t take the pain away, I try more solutions. If my doctor didn’t help, I find a new one. If the medication didn’t help, I find a new one. If my friend told me to quit being a baby I’d talk to a different friend. The point is, I need to keep looking for answers and help.

It’s the same with depression, friends. If what you’re doing isn’t helping, do something else. Keep fighting for health! For the love, if you haven’t done so, call your Doctor!

Take action! Please!
(if you need help to know what action to take, see this article)

8 thoughts on “Take Action!”

  1. And it’s always the right thing to pray first, asking God for healing,guidance and direction and His will in the situation.
    “I am the God that healeth thee” . . .

  2. Thank you Monica!!! Amen. I appreciate your posts more than you could ever know;)

  3. I beat myself up enough. I didn’t need anyone else to tell me those things because I had them in my head. I wish I could have spoken honestly about my struggles. I’m grateful for what I now know is the truth and I share any time I have the chance in order to give others a bit of hope!

    1. You are so right! We know in our heads what we are told to do. It doesn’t come that easy and I know it makes me more depressed when these things don’t work! Ugh!! Thanks for sharing, remember we that suffer depression ARE NOT ALONE!

  4. So glad to find your site! Needing all the information I can get to overcome a lifetime of depression that comes and goes with what seems to be constant rejection…. meds, counseling and always seeking the Lord has helped. Starting to change my diet and will try exercising too.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Shannon. I hope I can help you! Diet and Exercise have been HUGE for me! Let me know how they help you!

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